Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Essential Oils

Steven has many injuries from his tour in Iraq but the 19+ medications that he has been on a different times has caused his liver to have problems so we have been looking in to more natural ways of helping him feel better and that search has lead us to doTerra Essential Oils. They have made a BIG difference both physically and mentally. He has been regularly drinking water with Lemon oil in it as well as taking the vitamins and mineral supplements. His weight has fluctuated because of lack of exercise and bad food choices that have happened since we don't have our next apartment yet, but I expect that to all change as we get in to our new place in 10 more days. He has had fewer problems with his gout since starting to drink the lemon water and he has been drinking less Pepsi too. I took the vitamins this winter too and eventhough I didn't really lose any weight, I was only sick for one day out of the entire winter! I stopped taking them in hopes that the baby would sleep better but that didn't pan out so I am trying to get back in the habit of taking them again.
Steven just had his 8th surgery and since our oils got packed, I haven't been able to use them when changing his dressings like I did last time and even I can tell a difference in the healing rate.
Next I'm going to get us exercising and doing stuff and see how the oils can help with weight loss and food preparation.
As for the kids, I have used lavender on their feet to help them get to sleep, peppermint as a drug-free fever reducer, and clove for teething pain.
I will try to remember to share what I learn as I do my research!

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